Export Procedure

The following are required as per KYC norms of Customs, for EDI registration at Customs if you are a exporting through a particular port for the first time and for availing the various export benefits such as drawback etc..

1. I. E. C. Certificate with BIN No. – self certified
2. Valid Central Excise Registration Certificate if registered with them – self certified
3. Registration Certificate with the Ministry of Industries if applicable.
4. Letter from your Bank through which your foreign exchange is normally received/sent as per Format (See Forms/Formats)
5. Authorization letter on your letterhead as per the Format
6. Valid Registration Cum Membership Certificate with the respective Export Promotion Boards/Agencies.
7. Product literature for all the products declared in Central Excise Registration Certificate / I / O . Norms for advance License.
8. If clearance under special schemes such as Advance License, DFRC etc. then the original License will have to be sent to us for registration with the Customs. The same will be returned to you after retaining a copy for our files.

Apart from the above we would require the following documents for each shipment/consignment for preparation of the Shipping Bill and Customs clearance.

1. Original Invoice and packing list in Quintuplicate (6 copies) duly signed and sealed with the name of the person signing.
2. SDF Form in duplicate and Export value declaration duly filled and signed. ( Format )
3. The invoice should mention the HS Code of the products mentioned therein.
4. In case the shipment is under drawback then the updated drawback serial No and rate with code (A or B with regards to input credit) should be clearly given.
5. A Drawback declaration in duplicate duly signed by you Format
6. Copy of contract or L/C giving all relevant details such as name of shipper and buyer/consignee, commodity, type of packing, grade, price, destination, terms of shipment, commission/discount if any, period of shipment and documents required.
7. Any Permit/Quota certificate in Original from the necessary authorities wherever required. (Check with us before planning your shipment)
8. Cubic measurement of the packages in case of LCL cargo.
9. Valid self sealing/factory stuffing permission from Customs authorities

In order to ensure timely shipment and correct post shipment documentation, we strongly recommend providing the following well in time. For ease you can use our Format for shipping instructions

1. Fax / E-mail or courier an advance intimation for Export cargo so that availability of space, containers, finalization of rates, shipping schedules etc can be planned in advance.
2. Plan for the dispatch of cargo or Containers in case of house stuffing.
3. Provide proper and clear cut Bill of Lading instructions. Please keep in mind that there may be certain restrictions as to the format of the Bills of Lading that can be issued and in case you require the details exactly as per your requirements we recommend a FORWARDER'S Bill of Lading.
4. List of documents to be obtained from various agencies.
5. Instructions regarding Third party inspection/survey if any.
6. Specific instructions for the cargo as regards storing / packing / palletizing / shrink wrapping / handling / stuffing / Container lining etc are to be given.
7. If shipments are under ARE forms, they have to be submitted at the time of Customs examination and the details entered in the Shipping Bill.
8. Also daily details of cargo despatch with Transporters Name, LR Copy, Transporter's Contact No. and quantity of cargo should be provided.

For Export procedure as per the Customs Law manual, please refer to Other Important Links

In order to avoid confusion or delay we request for only written communication to our head office email id's given below.
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For Customs operations – customs@eltonsandsons.com
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With your co-operation and within the first few shipments, we can evolve a most suitable and acceptable procedure to arrange a smooth Export clearance with speedy post shipment documentation.

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