Import Procedure

The following are required as per KYC norms of Customs and for EDI registration at Customs if you are a importing through a particular port for the first time.

1. E. C. Certificate with BIN No. – self certified
2. Valid Central Excise Registration Certificate if registered with them – self certified
3. Product literature for all the products declared in Central Excise Registration Certificate / I / O Norms For Advance License
4. Registration Certificate with the Ministry of Industries if applicable.
5. Letter from your Bank through which your foreign exchange is normally received/sent as per Format (See Forms/Formats)
6. Authorization letter on your letterhead as per the Format
7. Valid Registration Cum Membership Certificate with the respective Export Promotion Boards/Agencies.
8. Product literature for all the products declared in Central Excise Registration Certificate / I / O . Norms for advance License.
9. If clearance under special schemes such as Advance License, DFRC etc. then the original License will have to be sent to us for registration with the Customs. The same will be returned to you after retaining a copy for our files.

Apart from the above we would require the following documents for each import consignment for preparation of the Bill of Entry and Customs clearance sbefore the shipment arrives to avoid any unnecessary delay.

As far as possible obtain from the supplier a written endorsements on the Bill of Lading stating 14 day's detention free on arrival of vessel in India.

1. Original Bill of Lading duly sealed and endorsed by the importer
2. Original Commercial Invoice and Packing List mentioning the HS code No: of all the items.
3. Freight Certificate
4. Insurance certificate
5. Original Certificate of origin
6. Original ISFTA or any other trade agreement Certificate
7. Analysis certificate
8. In case of chemicals detailed Material Safety and Data Sheet.
9. In the case of Agricultural produce, an import permit is required from the Indian Plant Protection Office prior to the shipment of goods from the load port.
10. Any special conditions mentioned in the import permit regarding clauses to be mentioned in the Phytosanitary Certificate or Fumigation to be done should
       be followed strictly and to the letter.

11. In case of used capital goods, a valuation certificate from a Customs approved international valuer is required.
12. Copies of catalogues and brochures of items imported.
13. Write up of the use of items being imported.
14. Purchase order /order confirmation
15. Letter of credit
16. Details of payment made through banks clearly mentioning the invoice Nos against which the payments have been done.
17. Original EPCG or Advance License or DFR Certificate (Required for the first import only for registration)
18. Despatch instructions after clearance of the cargo with full address, CST and State ST/TIN No. etc.
19. General Forms and Formats for clearance and despatch of import cargo can be found under Forms and Formats.

Preferably a scan copy of the above documents should be sent before cargo leaves the origin to advise any lapse or problem with the documents.

For Import procedure as per the Customs Law manual, please refer to Other Important Links.

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